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Armoured Crewman

Armoured Soldiers operate and maintain armoured fighting vehicles, their weapon systems, observation devices and communication equipment. Armoured Crewman are member of the Combat Arms team, which also includes Infantry, Artillery and Combat Engineering Regiments.
As a member of a reconnaissance vehicle as an observer or driver, Armoured Soldiers have the following duties:

  • Drive and maintain the vehicle;
  • Load, fire and maintain the vehicles machine gun;
  • Maintain and operate the vehicles radio and other communications equipment; and
  • Gather information about the enemy and terrain, then relay that information to others.


Army Communications and Information Systems Specialist

ACIS Specialists provide fast, reliable wired and wireless communication and information systems using leading edge voice data systems. They are also part of a larger team that provides Army units and the Forces with communication and information services throughout Canada and around the world.

ACIS Specialists expertly install, remove, operate, maintain and repair leading edge communication and information technology such as:

  • Wired and wireless communication and information systems;
  • Radio, satellite and microwave broadband technology
  • Fibre and copper broadband technology
  • Voice and Data delivery services training


Resource Management Support Clerk

Resource Management Support Clerks are employed in support of Army operations. They may also work with medical organizations, recruiting offices, NATO/UN positions, specialized units throughout the Forces, and base financial counselling. Special opportunities are also available with embassies in countries where Canada has a military attaché.

The primary duties of a Resource Management Support Clerk is to provide:

  • Human resource administration and services
  • Financial management support services
  • Personnel support services
  • Corporate and general purpose administration