BCD’s begin training year with Exercise Agile Dragoon

As part of the the British Columbia Dragoons (BCD) Operating Plan for 2018-19, the unit conducted Exercise Agile Dragoon on the weekend of Sept 8th-9th.  The Exercise trained the soldiers on needed skills to achieve the annual Individual Battle Task Standard (IBTS) as part of the Army’s Force Generation Baseline (FGB).

On Saturday the 8 Sept, members of the Regiment conducted annual readiness verification with unit clerks to help confirm correct personal info and help ensure accurate records. According to Capt. Jeff Daley the BCD’s Operations Officer / Adjutant:

“We’ve all heard the stories of troops with “bad data” on their file so we wanted to make sure we start the year off on the right foot.”

On Sunday the Regiment mobilized every vehicle on the ground and conducted a Regimental road move up to the Pennask  Summit on Highway 97C. Once at the Assembly Area the troops received their Navigation Orders and headed out on a challenging navigation course setup by MCpl Alex Prommer and recent Primary Leadership Qualification Course (PLQ)  Top Candidate, Cpl Doug Younger. Every 4-5 person team had a mixture of experienced soldiers and newer members to help share knowledge within the Regiment. The day ended with a Regimental photo and the new DP 1 troops being award their Regimental Cap Badges and Regimental coin.