BCD’s Help Lead Supercar Charity Rally


August 26th 2018, The British Columbia Dragoons (BCD’s) Helped Lead the Okanagan Dream Rally from Kelowna to Penticton.

The British Columbia Dragoons helped lead the rally with the TAPV Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicle, and set up the vehicle at the Penticton Airport for children and their families to see. On hand was 200+ exotic vehicles, and the British Columbia Dragoons were happy to help represent the Canadian Armed Forces at the Okanagan Dream Rally.

The Okanagan Dream Rally hopes to provide special children and their families with an incredibly fun-filled experience of being in the co-pilot seat of a dream car for a day. In addition, providing opportunities for the community, public figures, and businesses to support a good cause and make a difference locally in their community. To learn more about the Okanagan Dream Rally and the charities they support click here.

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