BCDs return to Volkes Range for Ex. Amiens Dragoon 20

            Over the weekend of September 13-14, the British Columbia Dragoons conducted Exercise Amiens Dragoon 20.  The exercise took place at the General Vokes Range Complex in Chilliwack as members fulfilled Individual Battle Task Standards by re-certifying on their personal weapons test (PWT) phases 1, 2 and 3, as well as their chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear gas (CBRN) drills.

            The range portion of the weekend consisted of 3 tests.  Each of these tests focused on accuracy and fire discipline. Members shoot from the prone, sitting, kneeling and standing positions, with varying tolerances of accuracy for each. These different aspects make up the fundamental rifle skills that maintain readiness and preparedness throughout the members of the Armed Forces. After successfully completing the range portion of the training weekend, each member participated in the recertification and application of their CBRN gas drills.  This involved wearing a CBRN Suit to protect their body from whatever gas they may be exposed to.  In addition to the suit, members also wear protective boots which slide over their combat boots, gloves, and a gas mask.  The test is conducted with CS gas (tear gas) in a closed space that allows for the gas to maintain its concentration.  Members enter the gas building at different stages of dress and execute a series of drills including donning their mask, cleaning skin that may have been exposed to the gas, and drinking water while wearing the mask.

            Ex. Amiens Dragoon 20 was a great success, with all members passing both the range and gas training portions of the weekend.  These exercises are vital for maintaining force effectiveness and readiness within the British Columbia Dragoons, and the military as a whole.  

Written by: 2Lt Wickwire