British Columbia Dragoons take to range for Exercise Ballistic Dragoon

Exercise Ballistic Dragoon 2017 was the British Columbia Dragoons (BCD) initial range qualification for the weekend of September 29th-October 2. Conducted at Volkes Range in Chilliwack BC, Ex. Ballistic Dragoon was the first opportunity for British Columbia Dragoons members to train on Individual Battle Task Standards (IBTS) for the year, and to enhance their basic rifle marksmanship.

British Columbia Dragoons Ballistic Dragoon 2017 - C6 Rounds


With a priority placed on continued training throughout the year on rifle handling and marksmanship, Ex. Ballistic Dragoon was the first step in ensuring BCD members maintain their individual rifle proficiency.

British Columbia Dragoons Ballistic Dragoon 2017 - Volkes Range Fog

According to Lieutenant Wood, Range Safety Officer for Ex. Ballistic Dragoon


It was a great weekend in Chilliwack for the BCD’s to conduct Weapons Qualifications Tests and maintain proficiency on standard service weapons. This year there was a real emphasis on prioritizing the C7 Service Rifle marksmanship and thankfully we had the opportunity to work on C7 PWT1-PWT3 weapons tests, as well as C6 General Purpose Machine Guns, and Browning High-Power Pistols.

Thankfully the Chilliwack weather cooperated for the most part, and there was a high standard of marksmanship achieved by range attendees as they all passed their PWT3 as part of their Individual Battle Task Standards (IBTS) that must be completed throughout the year.


Shooting at targets from 300 meters away to 5 meters away, the British Columbia Dragoons were able to use Ex Ballistic Dragoon as an opportunity to improve upon their C7 Service Rifle marksmanship, which they will continue to improve upon throughout the training year, and throughout the rest of their careers in the CAF.

British Columbia Dragoons Ballistic Dragoon 2017

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