Ex. Agile Dragoon Prepares British Columbia Dragoons for Start of Training Season

British Columbia Dragoons Exercise Agile Dragoon 2017

This past weekend, the British Columbia Dragoons came together for their first annual exercise, Ex. Agile Dragoon 2017. Held at the beginning of each year, this exercise is designed to ensure a basic level of retained skill, fitness, and awareness has been maintained over the summer, whether members were on course, supporting training, deployed on OP Lentus to fight the fires, or enjoying a summer with friends and family.

Taking place in the Kelowna area, the training conducted included practical skills such as marksmanship, land navigation, and search techniques, as well as a number of briefings and of course, the annual fitness test.

Members attending came from all parts of the valley, including Lumby, Vernon, and Penticton. Having completed this training, members are now prepared to take on increasingly challenging training as the year progresses.

Written by: Sgt. Barber


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