Whizzbangs Regimental Association

BritishColumbiaDragoonsWhen the 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles, (which later became the British Columbia Dragoons) returned to their home province after serving in France and Flanders in WW I they were disbanded. Many of the Veterans missed the warm comradeship of the Regiment so they formed a regimental association and called themselves the Whizzbang’s in honour of their much loved and highly respected wartime Commanding Officer LCol G.C. Johnston DSO, MC and Bar, affectionately known as “Whizzbang Johnston” after the high – velocity German artillery shell with the same nick-name and because he had a very short fuse!

Membership was restricted to those who had served with 2nd CMR in WW I. When the Dragoons returned after serving in Italy and Holland in WW II they were rather reluctantly invited to join this exclusive organization. To belong they must have served IN ACTION with either the 2nd CMR or the BCD’s. As time passed, post war members of the Regiment, which included many WW II members, decided to form an organization all could belong to. This was called The British Columbia Dragoons Regimental Association. Both organizations carried on for several years but WW II members became fewer and probably more mellow, and it was decided to amalgamate the two groups to form The British Columbia Dragoons Whizzbang Association to better serve our Regiment. Membership is now open to anyone who has served with or has been attached to the BC Dragoons. Wives, Sons, Daughters and Widows are also welcome. Many serving members of the Regiment also belong.

Aims of the Wizzbangs

The Whizzbang’s are now a Registered Society and our Constitution sets out the purposes of the Society as follows:

  1. To perpetuate the 30th BC Horse and the 2nd CMR and the BCD’s (collectively called the Regt.)
  2. To promote the objectives of the Regiment.
  3. To foster good fellowship between all members of the Society.
  4. o improve the welfare of such members of the Regiment as appear in need of financial assistance.
  5. To further the traditions and heritage of the British Columbia Dragoons.
  6. To assume the entire operations of of the British Columbia Dragoons Museum and Historical Society and the former unregistered association known as The British
    Columbia Dragoons Whizzbang Association.
  7. To hold, preserve and maintain the artifacts and memorabilia and belongings of the Society.